Wearable Portable and Detachable Intravenous Pole

    Project Code: 152
    Innopharm consists of 3 pharmacists who wish to improve healthcare setting in Malaysia. The innovations are based on observation while working in hospitals. Multipole is one of the flagship prototypes that are ready for the market. We believe that Multipole will change the landscape in healthcare industry.
Project Overview

Intravenous pole is available in all hospital wards, clinics and daycare centers. Basically, it is required when a patient needs intravenous therapy. While it has been there for centuries, nothing new or innovation has been done.

We, a group of pharmacists previously worked in hospital are determined to make a change. Multipole, a patent-pending innovation, first of its kind, will be the ‘new normal’.

·         Strong and light-weight

·         Ergonomically designed

·         Convenient (Easy to put on or taken off)

·         Can be worn on either side of shoulder

·         Can stand on all surfaces

·         Safer (IV bag will not fall and IV drip line will not be tangled)

·         Patients can free both hands, able to do their stuff freely

·         Patients can use the stairways, when they get out of ward for a walk


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