X-Band Polarization Insensitive and Wide Angle Metamaterial Absorbers.

    Project Code: 301
    A nearly perfect electromagnetic absorption by X-band metamaterial absorber offers great advantage for application of electromagnetic absorbing device. In addition, the polarization independency and capable of working at very large operating angle provide more flexibility.
    By Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Project Overview

The proposed X-band metamaterial absorbers are capable of absorbing incident electromagnetic wave from any polarization angles and working at large incident angle of electromagnetic wave.

Potential Applications :

As modern information-oriented societies advance and diversify with rapid development of information and communication technology, many attempts for prevention of interference by unwanted electromagnetic waves have been initiated to increase reliability in the use of electromagnetic waves. Unwanted electromagnetic waves of external sources frequently cause malfunction of electronic installations and mechanical machineries equipped with electronic devices. Some of the potential applications for this technology are:

  1. The proposed structures can be incorporated with military jet to overcome the detection by enemy radar.


  2. The proposed structures can be incorporated with energy harvesting device especially a thermo-voltaic to increase the efficiency of absorbing energy. The recent thermo-voltaic has efficiency around 60%. However, the proposed X-band metamaterial absorber can achieve more than 90% of absorption. Therefore, the integration between two devices can increase the absorption efficiency.



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