Zingishape: Bring Back the Shape

    Project Code: 268
    This invention is a topical treatment for overweight and obesity contains virgin coconut based nanostructured lipid carrier loaded with Zingiberacea oils mixture. The invented obesity treatment is formulated using local plant which is virgin coconut oil loaded with Zingiberacea oils mixture incorporated into cream. This invention features of virgin coconut oil as main ingredient to form lipid matrix for Zingiberacea oils mixture.
Project Overview

This invention is formulated as an alternative for obesity treatment by using encapsulation technology for plant oil and extract incorporated into cream. The uniqueness of this invention is the use of nano-processing technology for nano-structured lipid carrier as delivery system to ensure the penetration of the active ingredients. The use of nanostructured lipid carrier acted as carrier to increase bioavailability of Zingiberacea oils mixture under the skin. The research done showed that nanostructured lipid carrier loaded with Zingiberacea oils mixture with particle size of 60 nm and polydispersity index of 0.142 has strong lipase inhibitory and lipolysis activity which is good for the treatment of overweight and obesity.

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